Conscious Food

Health Coaching

A focused step by step process, based on your goals.
Action oriented that works on behaviours and addictions.
To give results in the short term and integrate energy techniques.

What kind of results can you expect?

  • Wellness

    Weight loss, better sleep, more energy.
    Improvement in digestive health.
    Easy practical recipes for daily routine.

  • Mindfulness

    To make improvements from where you are now.
    Emotional support.
    Strategies to deal with cravings.

  • Efficiency

    Follow-up emails.
    How to get organised.
    How to handle social pressures.

How Does Contemporary Nutrition Really work?

  • Nutrition changes the way we think

    Nutrition and digestion is a biochemical process.
    Science now says the gut is our second brain, and it’s where emotions reside.
    If our gut is full of toxins, we will experience negative thoughts.

  • Nutrition is the new medicine

    The Raw Food movement has created a major shift in the nutrition world.
    Combining ancient knowledge and modern nutrition, it provides protocols that really work; better than medicines.
    Raw food and nutrition is becoming the new medicine.

  • Nutrition and longevity

    No other factor will contribute to your longevity more than food.
    The abundance of enzymes, and the balance of hormones is the key for longevity.
    Food is the key for both of them, as for emotional mood and energy levels.

  • What does nutrition mean to me?

    What do I eat?

  • For 5 years I have been on a raw vegan diet.
    I love it, and would recommend it to most people.
    Today, after many years of daily practice, I eat a balance of about 50% cooked and 50% raw food, daily.

    Nutrition is connection

  • Humans have the primary need to connect.
    For most of the population, food means connecting with others, or simply relaxing.
    This creates a distortion since the priority becomes to connect and relax and not to nourish our body and soul.

    Food is Self Love

  • Nutrition requires daily action. Action is stronger than thought or beliefs.
    This is why nutrition is the ultimate self care and self love practice (Sadhna).
    Taking care of the food you eat takes care of the temple you live in.
  • My personal healing experience with food

    I started out of desperation

  • One day I was so unhappy, that I did not know what to do.
    My mind was totally unable to help me, so I needed an alternative to thinking.
    This is the day I committed to eat raw food for 3 days, and it radically changed my whole life.

    Food is my primary practice

  • Since that day, food is my primary focus every day.
    I have developed good habits such as eating only when hungry and when good food is available.
    Food has become my self love primary practice.

    Food is healing

  • In my personal story, food has been my primary healer.
    No other method or practice has helped me to shift from pain to pleasure and from darkness to the light.
    I believe this is the reason why food is now the gateway to personal growth in many cultures around the world.
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