Yoga & Meditation with Matteo

Yoga Classes and Workshops

Yoga Classes

I offer classical Tantra Yoga & Kundalini Yoga (3H0) classes.
They can be individual or for groups, and can be tough. Presented in Italian, French and English.
Usually they last 2 hours and include chanting and meditation.

Yoga Workshops

They can go from 3 hours to a full day, focusing on a theme.
We use different kriyas and sequences to embody a specific state of consciousness.
Some examples: Back Bends, Shoulder Stands, Strengthening the Core.

Residential Yoga Workshops

These are best if out in nature. Combining meditation,
nutrition and fasting while working with Yoga; it’s a perfect combination.
Some examples: Detox & Yoga, Yoga and Raw food Classes, Awakening the energy body.

conscious sexuality

Meditation Workshops

2-3 hour workshops

These are usually focused on mindfulness and breathing.
Visualization and hypnosis can be used and they are also suitable for business.
Some examples: Manifestation, Inner Smile, EFT, Cutting Cords.

1 Day Workshops

A combination of modern movement meditations and stillness.
They can be focused on specific goals and involve sharing and group work.
Some examples: Unblocking the Root Chakra, Opening the Heart, Creativity and Productivity.

Residential Workshops

These are best if out in nature, combining Yoga or Qi Gong.
They can be focused on specific goals and involve sharing and group work.
Some examples: Childhood de-conditioning, becoming integrated, learning to stop the mind.

personal development

Personal Trasformation Sessions

Meditation for Creating Change

Deep, personal grounding experiences can be very physical.
The goal is to develop a daily practice and condition the mind for change.
Some examples: Food patterns, Emotional patterns, Victimhood.

Meditation for Business

Focuses on fulfilment, achievement and productivity.
It mostly uses internal and external visualisation.
Some examples: Creative visualisation, Group meditations, Creative listening.

Residential Workshops

This involves working with the body and core belief systems.
It can involve regression and emotional release.
Some examples: Childhood de-conditioning, Integrating Parts, Self- Love and Compassion.

What results can you expect?

  • The power of the mind

    The power to focus and concentrate.
    Inner spaciousness and stillness, Learn to visualise.
    Build a personal practice, develop gratitude.

  • Become the observer

    Become the observer of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.
    Live in the present moment, slow down, practice patience.
    Stop believing all that your mind says and connect with your intuition.

  • Hacking the mind

    Learn to trick the mind, become consciously observant.
    Learn incantations to condition your unconscious mind.
    Learn to use physiology and breath during meditation for peak performance.

Why does meditation work?

  • Meditation kills stress

    Meditation is the perfect medicine for the information age.
    Stress is our primary issue as a contemporary society; it’s a collective and technological thing.
    Meditation is the natural cure for it.

  • Meditation is the new caffeine

    Meditation directly impacts your career.
    Technology can increase or decrease productivity: it depends on your capacity to focus.
    Focus is an emotional factor the can be regulated by meditation.

  • Meditation improves creativity

    In today’s world, creativity is the most important factor for our personal and professional lives.
    In particular, our relationships will thrive only if we “think differently”.
    Meditation is #1 for creating innovation with creative thinking because it creates space in the mind for new ideas.

  • What does meditation mean to me?

    Meditation teaches us how to feel

  • Meditation creates a new relationship with self.
    Meditation helps you get out of your head. This is the first step to living from your body.
    When you do so, you can really start feeling instead of thinking.

    Meditation and personal power

  • Meditation is personal power and involves creativity, like developing imagination.
    The deeper you can meditate, the deeper you create your own reality.
    The power of manifestation is the power to creatively meditate.

    Meditation for love and connection

  • Meditation is something that can be shared with our loved ones.
    Meditation can be applied to all kind of relationships: family, work but also our partners.
    The art of Tantra is based on meditation and it empowers people in the area of intimacy.
  • My journey into meditation

    Yoga, Mantra and Dance

  • In 1996 I found Yoga and started meditating. It was such a struggle for my ruminating brain, it was painful.
    Chanting mantras and dynamic meditations was the gateway to meditation for me.
    Later I discovered conscious dancing and today it’s part of my practice.

    Meditation and emotional fitness

  • Meditation can also be cathartic, liberating and very physical. (Osho)
    Meditation can be a transformational tool like in NLP. (modalities)
    Meditation can work on the unconscious mind (affirmations).

    Qi Gong: Breath, movement and visualisation

  • Qi Gong is a very ancient self healing practice both for our physical and emotional body.
    Qi Gong teaches us how to ground, move and feel our energy force.
    Qi Gong is a form of meditation based on energy flow.