Men’s Work with Matteo


3 hour Workshops

Can be an introduction to Men’s work and it is also open to couples.
Can cover specific simple themes and can be done in a series.
Some examples: Fatherhood, Brotherhood, what is masculine energy, etc.

1 Day Workshops

Can be a deep dive into Men’s work.
They are a safe space to expand and explore a deep connection with other men.
Some examples: Conscious Sexuality, Conscious Relationships, Polarity to Attain Unity.

Residential Workshops

Deeper explorations, lasting from a weekend to a week.
They are best if out in nature, integrating Yoga and meditation.
Some examples: From Karma to Dharma, Masculine Sexual Wounding, Men’s Orgasms.

Personal Sessions

Men’s Coaching

Usually focused on sexuality and relationships.
Uses coaching and tantric tools to open and challenge old patterns of being.
It usually starts from the relationship with the father figure and other significant male figures.

Creating the life you want

A deep dive into the search for life’s purpose.
We will be looking at core values and beliefs in order to align and integrate them with your goals.
It integrates coaching tools with sacred sexuality and conscious relationships.

Men’s Healing

It involves healing from guilt, shame and fear that come from the past.
It can focus on investigating and healing sexual conditioning.
It involves a mix of talking, practices and bodywork.

What results can you expect?

  • Me’s work means open up to intimacy

    Becoming a conscious man creates the conditions for healthy relationships and sexuality.
    Becoming more masculine creates more space for our inner feminine to flourish.
    With more integration within there are fewer challenges in relationships.

  • Men’s work means charisma

    Healthy sexuality in men shows up as charisma and personal power.
    Removing fear and opening up to love creates high levels of energy in the body.
    Men’s work starts from self love, acceptance and compassion.

  • Men’s work means clarity

    Men’s work focuses on creating a vision and a direction for your life.
    With a deep and clear vision, it’s easy to create clarity in everyday challenges and contradictions.
    Clarity and accountability create power for men who want to take up the challenge of mature masculinity.

What are the benefits of men’s work?

  • Reclaim your masculinity and spirituality

    Men’s work is about living your masculinity without guilt and shame.
    It’s becoming comfortable with the fact that we are all energy and sexual beings.
    It creates the foundational grounding into the deep life purpose that a man needs to be fulfilled.

  • Integrating the feminine in men

    Men’s work raises the standards of all masculine virtues, such as integrity and authenticity.
    Men’s work teaches us how to embrace the feminine within, and to transform vulnerability into power.
    Men’s work brings integration between the masculine and feminine, thus creating an awakened and mature man.

  • Masculine Emotional Intelligence

    Emotion patterns in men and women are very different. Masculine emotional intelligence helps men understand and learn from emotions.
    Emotional fitness for men requires handling physical suppressed emotions like anger, frustration and fear.
    Learning to let go and surrender (to trust) is probably the most difficult thing for men, but it’s also the most powerful one.

What men’s work means to me

More than personal power is trans-personal power

Men’s work is about how we are showing up in this word, not simply in our relationships.
It’s about reuniting with the spiritual warrior in us to evolve and co-create a different planet in harmony with the feminine.
Men’s work is about being able to feel not just the self, but also deeply sensing others and their energies.

Conscious relationships

Conscious manhood creates the conditions for men to show up and take the lead when needed.
Men’s work gives enough masculine energy to keep polarity in long term relationships.
Conscious men are able to honor and worship the feminine without feeling deprived.

Brotherhood is healing

Having healthy relationships with men is the healthiest thing a man can do.
Masculine – Feminine balance in relationships starts with good quality time with men.
Men to men relationships create a healing journey; the deeper you go, the deeper you become as a man.

My Journey into Spiritual Masculinity

Where did I start the journey into manhood?

At Agama Yoga School in Thailand I took part in the Vira (Warrior) Groups and celebrated Lord Shiva on Shivaratri day.
The belief that masculinity is sacred is a core concept that had a profound effect on me, coming from a radical atheist culture.
From there I became a devoted researcher on the matter, and its impact on self, others and general evolution.

Archetypes, Heroes, Superior Men

Manhood is about initiations and connecting to our ancestors and to the universal elements of nature.
C.G. Jung’s archetypes are the starting point of today’s cutting edge research on the evolution of masculinity.
We are currently at a moment in which the sacred masculine is being rediscovered, simply because it’s urgently needed.

My present and future

Spiritual masculinity is my present and future primary focus, because nothing else brings me closer to spirit.
The purpose of my life is to be a role model of an evolved and mature masculine man.
The divine masculine is the theme of my online courses on conscious manhood.