Me and my journey

My Story


I’m a Gemini, with Leo ascendant, born in Milan. I first experienced pain at the age of two, when I burned my foot. I was kept isolated for over 2 weeks. This affected most of my life, and probably made me the highly sensitive awakened man that I am today.


I was born from two ancient aristocratic Italian families. I received a mixture of old fashioned high pressure moralistic education and a 1970s Hippy leftist lifestyle. I went to high school both in Rome and New York. I hold a Masters degree in European Economics. Since 1995 I began therapy and started educating myself in the alternative holistic field.


I’m extroverted, solar, visionary, creative, and hyper sensitive. I’m also moody, prone to frustration and restless. My emotional life has always been an issue: At 18 I was convinced that would not want to live over 35. My first relationship totally broke my heart. Ever since then, I’ve been on a journey into healing and self love. Today I’m happy with who I am and appreciate all of my flaws and unique gifts that will wake me up and bring light to this world.


I have a nomadic nature. I started travelling at an early age because I needed medical care. On top of that, my family wanted me to learn languages while I was still a kid, so at the age of 6 I left for the UK and Switzerland. At 13 I lived in Australia, at 17 in NYC, and have never stopped moving. I have been living in France, UK, USA, Thailand, Bali, Spain and Germany.

My Skills

Yoga and Qi Gong

Certified teacher of Sattva Yoga (200h). India
Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor (3H0). France
Agama Tantra Yoga (Level 4).Thailand
Tao Tantric Arts (TTC). Thailand
Qi Gong, Yoga Barn. (Bali)

Tantra and Meditation

Tao Tantric Arts (TTC). Thailand
Agama Tantra (1&2). Thailand
ISTA (Level 1&2). Sweden
Vipassana. France
Belly to Belly. Bali
Osho Meditation Therapies. Greece


NLP Master Practitioner. Italy
EFT (Level1). Italy
Avatar Master. USA

Raw Food Nutrition

Certified Raw Food Chef. Kate Magic UK
Nudo e Crudo. Vito Cortese. Italy


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