The Neuroscience of Yoga and Meditation

Buddha Cafe Living Library presents ” The Neuroscience of Yoga and Meditation ” with Matteo and Lucy.

In this talk we will bridge science with ancient wisdom looking for integration and coherence.

How does Meditation, Yoga, Tantra and other spiritual practices impact the Nervous System?

We will discuss Neuroscience, and specifically on how our nervous system regulates.

We will focus on the latest scientific theories about how the body regulates (Polyvagal theory) and compare them with Mediation, Yoga and Tantra.

We will ask questions around:

– How does Tantra helps regulate the nervous system?

– How does Yoga impact the nervous system?

– What are the benefits of Mediation, mindfulness versus Nervous system regulation?


Lucy Miller (Kali M) and

Matteo Morozzo

About the Hosts:

Matteo Morozzo (Chaga)

Matteo’s journey into Spirituality started with Kundalini Yoga in the ‘90s. He started his exploration into Tantra at Agama Yoga in 2010. And later becoming a facilitator of Tao Tantric Arts (Ancient Tao Arts). He deepened his wisdom with modern Shamanism in ISTA whom he is now the organiser for Italy/Europe. He is also certified yoga teacher, a NLP Coach, and holds an MBA in Economics. More info at

Kaly M (Lucy)

Kaly considers herself a Certified Sex Nerd; Naked Advocate; Pleasure Adventurer; Lover; Mother; Speaker; Educator and passionate about all things Sexy!

She’s is trained in a range of massage therapies; Sexological Bodywork; Psychosexual Somatic and Surrogate Partner Therapy. Kaly offers Erotic Touch Education ; Relationship & Intimacy Facilitation; Orgasmic Yoga Practice; Tantra teaching; Training for Facilitators and Surrogate Partner Therapy. She organises events and workshops in London, all over Europe and most recently Koh- Pha-ngan,

More info

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