Tantra & Therapy

Buddha Cafe Living Library presents “Tantra & Therapy Ep 1 Surrogate Partner Therapy” with Matteo Morozzo & Lucy Miller

In this series of live interviews we will explore some new and old topics related to Healing and Self Realization.

We will try to take a closer look at the world (collective consciousness) of Tantra and Personal Evolution in combination to the latest theories on trauma (neuro-science) and Therapy (applied science).

These are the questions that will be asked out loud:

– What is Surrogate Partner Therapy?

– How does it relate to Tantra?

– What is it’s therapeutic value?

– How does it work with trauma?

– What is Tantra today?

– Is there any Classic Tantra left in its contemporary practice?

– Is Tantra therapeutic?

– What is Trauma?

– Does Tantra help with healing from Trauma?

– What does Neuro-science say about Tantra and group work?

– What are the new therapeutic trends and do they meet the tantric path?

About the Hosts:

Matteo Morozzo (Chaga)

Matteo’s journey into Spirituality started with Kundalini Yoga in the ‘90s. He started his exploration into Tantra at Agama Yoga in 2010. And later becoming a facilitator of Tao Tantric Arts (Ancient Tao Arts). He deepened his wisdom with modern Shamanism in ISTA whom he is now the organiser for Italy/Europe. He is also certified yoga teacher, a NLP Coach, and holds an MBA in Economics. More info at www.matteomorozzo.com

Kaly M (Lucy)

Kaly considers herself a Certified Sex Nerd; Naked Advocate; Pleasure Adventurer; Lover; Mother; Speaker; Educator and passionate about all things Sexy!

She’s is trained in a range of massage therapies; Sexological Bodywork; Psychosexual Somatic and Surrogate Partner Therapy. Kaly offers Erotic Touch Education ; Relationship & Intimacy Facilitation; Orgasmic Yoga Practice; Tantra teaching; Training for Facilitators and Surrogate Partner Therapy. She organises events and workshops in London, all over Europe and most recently Koh- Pha-ngan,

More info www.thenakedroom.co.uk

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