Tao Tantra

11/10/2017  –  6:00 / 8:00 pm

@ Samma Karuna: 84/13 Moo 8 Haad Chao Phao, Ko Phangan, Surat Thani, Thailand

Tao Tantra is a fusion of Ancient Tao Sexual Arts based on the work of master Mantak Chia, with Neo and Classic Tantra. In Tao Tantra our main concern is life force energy (chi/prana) and most especially the sexual-creative energy (jing chi/ ojas). If we can learn to preserve the sexual-creative energy and then lift it up through the body (sublimation) then higher states of consciousness can be attained.

As this occurs the body undergoes a clearing process known as purification. We also focus on bringing divine frequencies down into the body, allowing for embodiment of spirit and activating the creative path. Music, dance, poetry and expression are all channels of this “divine download” of energy. By using a number of different forms of practice concurrently, we enhance the process of transformation.

Matteo Morozzo
Matteo is a facilitator of Tao Tantric Arts, (www.taotantricarts.com) a fusion of Ancient Tao Sexual Arts and Tantra based on the work of master Mantak Chia.
His journey began in 1996 with Kundalini Yoga in which he is now a certified Teacher (3HO) followed by multiple explorations into personal development and spiritual practices (Coaching, Qi Gong, Osho Meditations, Tantra)
Matteo was trained by author David Cates to facilitate Belly to Belly Tantric meditation in Bali in 2015. He is a Certified Raw Chef and NLP master practitioner.

Today with special extra Contact meditation:
What is contact meditation?
Its a way to fell the flow
Is a way to connect whit your inner movement
Share the movement to reach high frequency of feel And meditation
Your balance is something in between your grunding and presence / environment
A movent that doesnt need any word to explain
A place where the silence become music

Life will never be the same…

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