A non dogmatic, deeply experimential and heart based tantra teacher training at Samma Karuna® Awakening & Healing School in Koh Phangan, the second largest spiritual center of South East Asia and one of the most beautiful islands of Thailand.

The Tantra TTC program covers an exceptional study of techniques and practices.

  • Mindfulness in Intimacy
  • Energy body structure
  • Tantric linages and Sutras
  • Tao bodywork
  • BioDevelopment practice
  • Mantras and Yantras
  • Sublimation & transmutation of energy (Tao and Tantra)
  • Wide variety of Meditation practices
  • Sexual Education and Physiology of the body (Tao Tantra)
  • Tantra & Self development
  • Touch and Awerness
  • Tantra and devotion
  • Path of Innocence & Path of Knowledge
  • Solo and Couples Pranayama
  • Sexual Control for man and woman
  • Tantra & trance states
  • The Art of teaching
  • How to structure a class
  • Tantra & business
  • Tantra & nutrition

An Internationally recognized school of self-realization

Samma Karuna is a internationally recognized Tantra school that operates on Koh Phangan, Thailand throughout the year. Our team of senior teachers and instructors fully embrace Tantra and Yoga as a lifestyle and path of liberation.

Tantra Teaching Internship available

The course offers an optional free internship (extra 4 weeks long) to teach Tantra at our school, for those graduated students that would like to deepen their Tantra teaching skills.

Multidisciplinary Team

You will be learning from a team of extraordinary teachers with years of experience and different approaches to Tantra. Each teacher is a specialist in their area rather than a single teacher on a single tradition.

An intensive Tantra teacher training course (TTTC) in a fun, relaxing environment for you to learn

We believe that life is for learning but also for celebrating, therefore in Samma Karuna we provide a fun, relaxing environment where learning & celebration go hand-in-hand.

We are also a community and family

Samma Karuna is not just a Tantra school, but also a community of friends and family that practice a conscious lifestyle and take care of each other.

You will be learning in a beautiful space with 3 of our 4 halls right by the beach

The beautiful campus of 7000m2 by the beach provides onsite accommodation and facilities that allow you to retreat during your Tantra teacher training course (TTTC).

Upcoming course date

November, 12th 2018.


Further info at: www.sammakaruna.org/teacher-training/tantra-teacher-training-thailand


I’m proud to be part of this amazing teachers’ team!

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