You are invited to join for this highly transformational and experiential week to discover, heal, understand, unveil and celebrate your TRUE NATURE as divine human BEING. A loving and caring environment is created by the facilitators and team of helpers for you to open up, to expand and rise into your full potential.

This particular tantric path is inspired by Osho and uses various tantric methods and meditations to support you on the journey form the sexuality to love and spirituality. We use 7-chakra map and human design system to understand, awaken and embody our energy, experience ecstatic, creative life and get empowerment and wisdom through own experience. Tantra is a science of life, which includes sexuality, emotions, all senses, love and consciousness and it is very natural, profound and fast way to come back to our true self.

TThis retreat is suitable for beginners and advanced tantric practitioners, single individuals and couples.

💗 THIS RETREAT IS FOR YOU if you are interested in:
:: Tantra & Meditation
:: Kundalini awakening
:: Personal growth
:: Recognizing and fulfilling your potential
:: Growing into loving and harmonious relationships
:: Exploring divine Feminine and Masculine
:: Meeting inspiring people from around the world

💗 In this retreat you will experience tantric practices and individual/partner/group exercises. Those include:
:: Tantric Meditations
:: Tantric Massage
:: Kundalini transmission – Shaktipat
:: Tantric Playshop with the Human Design System
:: Emotional Work
:: Tantric breath
:: Inner Dance Journey
:: Partner and Group Exercises
:: Conscious Communication, Q&A
:: Tantric Sacred Rituals
:: Special Guest Teachers offerings
:: Love Lounge

💗 You will get connected with the Mother Nature through:
:: Excursions to the stunning Waterfalls
:: Chilling in the Swimming Pool and Love Lounge
:: Relaxing in the magnificent Love Garden
:: Spending some time on the Beach
:: Surprises!

SAMPLE SCHEDULE (may vary on some days)
:: 8:00 – 9:30 am Active Meditation
:: 9.30 – 11.00 am Breakfast
:: 11.00 –1.30 pm Morning Session
:: 1.30 – 3.30 pm Lunch
:: 3:30 – 6.00 pm Afternoon Session
:: 6.00 – 8.00 pm Dinner
:: 8.00 – 9.30 pm Good Night Session

:: March 1st 12.00 pm
:: 3 – 4 sessions per day
:: March 7th 12.00 pm

:: Water Bottle
:: Paper and Pen
:: Comfortable Clothes
:: Swimwear
:: Celebration Outfit
:: Dance Outfit
:: Blindfold
:: 1-2 Sarongs

The luxury resort The Yoga House in Koh Phangan offers a unique space for hosting retreats and special events. With its natural surrounding and intimate setting, The Yoga House is a perfect place for tantric meditations and it is ideal for relaxing, taking time out, and experiencing Koh Phangan’s special vibe.
Although private and secluded The Yoga House is only a few minutes from Koh Phangan’s main beaches, villages and the main town.




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