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I’m a Coach, a Teacher and a Chef. I’m a flexible guide, able to help people in depth and improve their level of energy and wellbeing. Maybe nobody has told you up to now? Do you know that you can live at a higher vibration and without giving up pleasure? Welcome to the power of food! Change what you eat, change your life! Get your free Health Coaching session.

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Raw Italian: Easy Mediterranean Style UnCooking Quick and delicious ideas for raw and cooked everything


  • What is inside is also outside. Everything that nurtures our soul and our body contributes to our wellbeing. For long I have been searching somebody that could help me in my path towards a healthy and conscious nutrition that could give me more strength and sharpness; and finally I found it in Matteo it is sad that the master appears when the student is ready. Only after short period of coaching I have felt a much higher state of wellbeing, lots of vitality and a renewed sense of purpose in following my personal evolution. Matteo Has gifted me with a new outlook non just on colorful, juicy healthy foods, but on myself and my emporia being. THANK YOU MATTEO

    Ester Simoncini
    Ester Simoncini Vegan chef
  • With only 3 Sessions I was able to feel much better both in my body and my mind. Cooking with Matteo has tough me how it can be easy to create fabulous and nourishing dishes in minutes. Its true you learn by doing andy making it fun. Thank you Matteo

    Martina Meluzzi
    Martina Meluzzi architect, London
  • Finally also in Naples we have had a real Raw vegan Cooking class and a real Raw food Teacher. Thank you Raw in Rome, tank you Matteo Morozzo. All of it was simple and deliciuous. All students we extremely happy about the different recipes that we have enjoyed doing and tasting. Please come again for more wisdom and more desserts.

    Elena Cacciatore
    Elena CacciatoreWorkshop organizer, Naples
  • I am extremely happy to have done a 2 day private course with Raw Chef Matteo Morozzo. He has tough me a very sophisticated and refined way of using of super healthy cuisine. In addition he explained the befitted of every ingredient and coached me in  experimenting on my own several intuitions i had.

    Monica Colabattista
    Monica Colabattista Doctor, Rome
  • I had a zuccotto and a cheesecake for my daughter’s 1 year old birthday and what a success it was! The cakes were delicious and the effect was much more long lasting then temporary pleasure: we all turned into row food addicts! I strongly recommend the cakes for any occasion as they are truly delicious, moreover, the philosophy behind them is a surely fun and stimulating subject for conversation to break the ice or start a part

     Olga Lateano
    Olga Lateano Scriptwriter, London
  • Matteo Raw cakes are liberating!!! Finally I can receive a raw cake directly at home. Finally I can happily be healthy with all of my family. Thank you so much Matteo

    AngelaSchool Teacher